Majestic Consultancy Professionals is dedicated to providing professional, world class IT consulting services and business consulting services. We offer a unique combination of top management relations in a wide range of industries with an unparalleled work ethic.
We are extremely reliable and always endeavour to provide the very best of service to our clients.

We are experts in the following areas;
IT consulting
Management consulting
Recruitment services

Our main clients are: (By Industry)
Major Manufacturers
Major Distributors
Major Staffing Agencies
Financial Service Industries (Mega Banks)
Global IT Consulting Firms


We promise to offer proven strategies and to give you the perfect people for the job.
You will not need to concern yourself with finding IT professionals.
We will provide you with the very best talent, hand-picked to complete your tasks at an exceptional standard.
We will provide talent for both IT consulting and Business consulting. Our team will carefully analyse your goal and will then choose a professional or will put together a tailor-made team that will ensure your success.
Furthermore, in the field of Project Management, a group of experienced IT professionals will be stationed on the project site to solve any issues that may arise during customer projects.


Our process is quite simple.
We will visualise the project based on your goals and our experience, create a project plan based on our proven methodology, execute the plan,
and finally build and maintain an environment in which any adjustments can be made easily and efficiently.
We have professionals in the following fields:


CEO & Founder

Kenichi Takagi

Vice President &
Managing Director

Takuji Shinoda

CTO & Managing Director

Masaki Kondo